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Up To Now (2009)

Up To Now

Lançamento: 9 de novembro de 2009

Coletânea comemorativa dos 15 anos da banda. Contém seus maiores sucessos, além de 3 músicas novas, raridades, covers, singles e músicas do The Reindeer Section.

CD 1
1. Chocolate
2. Chasing Cars
3. Crack The Shutters
4. Set The Fire to The Third Bar
5. Crazy in Love (cover da Beyoncé)
6. Just Say Yes
7. Batten Down The Hatch
8. You're All I Have
9. Hands Open
10. Cartwheels (The Reindeer Section)
11. The Planets Bend Between us (single version)
12. Ask me How I am
13. On-Off
14. Making Enemies
15. Run (ao vivo na Union Chapel)

CD 2
1. Take Back The City
2. Shut Your Eyes
3. An Olive Grove Facing The Sea (2009 Version)
4. Run
5. Give me Strength
6. Signal Fire
7. Spitting Games
8. Open Your Eyes
9. Dark Roman Wine
10. Fifteen Minutes Old
11. You Are my Joy (The Reindeer Section)
12. Golden Floor
13. Starfighter Pilot
14. Post Punk Progression
15. Chasing Cars (ao vivo na Union Chapel)

Bônus da edição de colecionador:

CD 3 (Ao vivo na Mencap Little Noise Session na Union Chapel)
1. You're All I Have
2. How to be Dead
3. Grazed Knees
4. You Could be Happy
5. On/Off
6. I am an Astronaut
7. About You Now
8. Chocolate
9. Chasing Cars
10. Run

Documentário "Up to Now"
Documentário "Take Back The Cities"
Animação de "The Lightning Strike"
"Set The Fire to The Third Bar"> com Martha Wainwright no programa Live From Abbey Road
Filmagens ao vivo em festivais:
 If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It
 Hands Open
 Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
 Shut Your Eyes
 Chasing Cars
 Crack The Shutters
 Take Back The City
 Open Your Eyes
 The Lightning Strike
 You're All I Have

Video clipes:
 Starfighter Pilot
 Ask Me How I Am
 Spitting Games
 How To Be Dead
 You're All I Have
 Chasing Cars [UK]
 Chasing Cars [US - versão de Nick Brandt]
 Set The Fire To The Third Bar [com Martha Wainwright]
 Open Your Eyes
 Shut Your Eyes
 Signal Fire
 Take Back The City
 Crack The Shutters
 If There's A Rocket Tie Me To It
 The Planets Bend Between Us
 Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes - lançado em 23 de outubro de 2009
B-sides: Just Say Yes (Thin White Duke Mix); Shut Your Eyes (Live at V Festival, Chelmsford); Just Say Yes (vídeo)
An Olive Grove Facing The Sea (2009 Version) - lançado em 04 de dezembro de 2009 (download apenas)